Woman plucks and eats raw bird on Montreal Metro (still not as bad as people who take Arby’s onto the airplane) (CBC)

ETA So it seems she’s from Nunavik and can’t understand the commotion as this was basically just eating preparing a snack. Which, okay, fine, to each her own cuisine/culture/concept of personal space. But this is still somewhere between clipping your nails and eating an egg salad sandwich within two feet of any stranger.

check the notes for white people shitting themselves over an inuk woman doing inuk things in the city.

check the notes for reasons why Aboriginal people, especially inuit, have difficulty settling in urban areas, especially Montreal, where they are chastised for their differences and treated like neanderthals because white people “dont get it”.

check the notes for reasons why i hope my cousins never move to Montreal.

I ACTUALLY read a youtube comment that said “im a vegetarian, i dont believe in killing animals, this is so wrong -chokes on white tears-” fuck outta here with your colonial bullshit, if your ancestors didnt kill animals you never wouldve been born. at least thats the case for me. i’m a vegetarian who eats country food when its offered. i dont eat white people meat. but i dont sit on my pedestal and scrutinize white folks and ask them if they thanked the creator for their quarter pounder with cheese.

fuck this. fuck it all. i hate this place.

Edmo Tumblr folks, come to this party I’m co-organizing!! Reblorg, invite cool peeps, etc.

Edmo Tumblr folks, come to this party I’m co-organizing!! Reblorg, invite cool peeps, etc.


miikawaadizi (she is beautiful in Ojibwe)


miikawaadizi (she is beautiful in Ojibwe)

(via baapi-makwa)

hi tumblr i kno i’ve been on hiatus buuuuttttt …

do i know any photographers on here who live in EDMONTON and who might be into helping with photobooth at an event i’m co-organizing? we could talk about an honorarium. here’s the event:

also also, if you live in edmo please just come to the party. it’s going to go off and i’m the most excited! when we first posted the event there were so many white tears which we gave zero fucks about.

IW2SHRC Looking For Indigenous Contributers


tānisi! The Indigenous Women & Two Spirit Harm Reduction Coalition has begun a research project exploring narratives around decolonization and so-called “solidarity practices” on Turtle Island and are currently looking for contributors. We are offering an honorarium of $50-$250 per piece depending on the undertaking. The project will include the work of Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island (and is open to Indigenous contributers only). We will also consider work around marginalized Indigenous identities (ie. Black Indigenous identities) or work considering colonialism on Turtle Island on a global level. Preference will be given to women, Two-Spirit peoples, LGBT*Q Indigenous peoples, and youth. Please send us a brief description of the submission you would like to undertake. When the project is complete it will be published on the IW2SHRC’s website so it is completely accessible to our communities.

Deadline for abstract: August 1st.

Deadline for submissions: August 16th.

Submit abstracts to the collective:

Topics the IW2SHRC is interested in exploring in their research: HIV/AIDS activism within Indigenous communities; Two-Spirit resistance; Indigenous feminist resistance; prison abolition; language reclamation; education; resistance to foster care and contemporary social work practice; disability and the medicalization of Indigenous bodies; Indigenous sex offenders and  intergenerational trauma; and Harm Reduction. The research project will also include more introductory aspects of decolonization praxis including: Land Acknowledgement Protocol; Names of Indigenous Territories and Nations; Creating Reciprocity with Urban Indigenous Peoples; The Use of the Term “Settler”; The Politics of Insurrection: What Does Solidarity Mean as a White “Race Traitor”; and Black Indigenous Identities on Turtle Island.

kinanākomitin QPIRG Concordia for granting us their research stipend and making this work possible.

Contribute to our research project, wooo yaaaahhh. Also spread widely / let your Indig freinds know!!